WhatsApp to Get Voice Message Transcription

WhatsApp is working on many, many improvements for its mobile app, and according to a report, a new voice message transcription feature is one of them.

More specifically, the Facebook-owned company wants to provide users with the option of skipping the listening of an audio message and instead, read a transcription generated automatically by the app.

Audio messages are becoming more and more common on WhatsApp, and the parent company believes that allowing users to simply read the text instead of listening to an audio file, which obviously doesn’t come in handy since you need to use your phone speakers, is the right way to go.

And indeed, such capabilities would be useful in a wide variety of scenarios, including in those places where you just can’t play something through your phone’s speakers.

Transcription carried out on the phone

Needless to say, to be able to create a transcription of an audio message, a speech recognition system needs to ac… (read more)

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