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Oaken Preview (PC)

I tank one hit with my hero while bringing in a seedling to green three tiles. This will kill the enemy currently attacking me and heal some of my creatures. The battlefield is now opponent free, with two set to come out of their burrows next turn. The best idea is to move my hero away from danger, heal him, and see what my summons can do.

Oaken is developed by Laki Studios, with publishing handled by Goblinz Publishing. You can play it via Steam in Early Access, with the game set to stay there for 5 to 7 months. The title offers a relatively classic take on the tactical, turn-based, card-driven rogue-lite space, set in an interesting plant universe.

The player chooses a role and a guide and embarks on a quest to try and find and restore the voice of the Great Oak, the power that supports this beautiful and verdant universe. The effort involves plenty of combat but also bits of lore and choices that affect how the character interacts with the world.

The mechanics … (read more)

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