Huawei Planning to Launch a PlayStation Rival

When it comes to gaming consoles, the world is pretty much divided into two parts, namely Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox, though the sales of other devices, such as Nintendo’s, have been increasing too.

Huawei, the Chinese tech behemoth that has been dealing with so many sanctions in the last couple of years and is no longer allowed to install the licensed version of Android and Google apps on its devices, is now getting ready to step into the gaming world with something truly big.

It’s a new device lineup specifically aimed at gaming, with Chinese reports indicating that the company has very ambitious plans in this regard.

The first step to become a more prominent gaming company is providing the world with a gaming laptop, though it’ll certainly be interesting to see what operating system Huawei wants to use since Windows is also a product coming from an American firm, th… (read more)

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