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Google Workspace Apps Get Cool New Features on Android Tablets

As announced at I/O earlier this year, Google is rolling out a bunch of productivity improvements for its Workspace apps on Android tablets.

Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and keep are getting lots of goodies, starting with the support for dragging and dropping files, including text and images.

“One of the best features to get things done on tablets is multitasking across two windows at once. So we’ve built out new ways to use Google Workspace apps when you have two screens open on your large-screen device. You can now easily drag text or images from apps, such as Chrome or Sheets, and drop that content right into an existing document or spreadsheet cell,” Google says.

Using drag and drop, you can also quickly upload files to Google Drive, while in Google Keep, you can insert images in the notes with the same gesture.

If you use a tablet that also has a keyboard (so you therefore have a 2-in-1 device), the new update also comes with good news for you. Google… (read more)

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