Borat: Sacha Baron Cohen Reveals Why He Won’t Revive The Character Again

One of actor Sacha Baron Cohen’s most famous characters, Borat, recently returned with Borat 2 on Amazon Prime. The film was a big success, and it prompted real-life headlines based around Cohen’s undercover interviews. But Cohen wasn’t always interested in making the film, and he says he likely will not make a third movie with Borat down the road.

In a new interview with Variety, Baron Cohen goes deep on why he revived Borat after so many years after being hesitant to do so. The actor said he was “fairly traumatized” after 2009 comedy Bruno because of all the heat he got.

“For about six months afterwards whenever I heard a police siren, I would start to get tense, because I’d been chased by the police so much. I vowed never to make another undercover movie again,” Baron Cohen explained.

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