Amnesia: Rebirth Gets Adventure Mode on PS4 and PS5

If you’ve always wanted to finish Amnesia: Rebirth but couldn’t due to the fear-inducing moments, then you’re in luck. The folks at Frictional Games decided to add a so-called Adventure Mode to the game, which made its debut on PC last month.

Starting today, the Adventure Mode is available to everyone who plays Amnesia: Rebirth on either PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5. And the best thing is that it’s totally free. But what exactly is Adventure Mode and how it impacts the game?

To put it simply, the new Adventure Mode lets players enjoy the game’s rich adventure story without the threat of monsters or darkness. If you’re not a fan of the horror genre, this is the best way to experience the fantastic quest of Tasi Trianon with its captivating narrative, cool environments, unique theme, and challenging puzzles.

Gameplay-wise, the new mode removes all life-threatening encounters with monsters, as well as the harrowing sound and visual effects that would affect Tasi’s … (read more)

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