Zens’ new Modular wireless chargers offer a mix-and-match setup

Image: Zens

Zens has a new set of wireless chargers out called the Zens Modular. They are designed to fix the rigidity of most combination wireless chargers by letting users customize their own bespoke charging setup to suit their needs.

The Zens Modular system is divided into two halves: main stations and extensions. The main station (as the name implies) is the primary hub for your wireless charging setup and is the only thing that you’ll have to plug into the wall. Zens has three different main station options: the €99,99 / $121.16 Modular Dual Wireless Charger, which is a flat pad that can charge two devices at once at up to 15W each; the €69,99 / $84.81 Modular Stand Wireless Charger, a single charger that offers a stand form factor and can…

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