Zack Snyder’s Justice League: Relentlessly Boring And Endlessly Long

For better or worse, the superhero niche of pop culture is full of bizarre cultural artifacts, from the comics themselves to the TV and movies they inspire. Zack Snyder’s Justice League–more colloquially known as “The Snyder Cut”–is just another in a long line of puzzling cape-and-cowl franchise moments. The four hour long re-cut of the 2018 box office bomb, complete with extra scenes and re-shoots will land on HBO Max on March 18 and–well, if you’ve ever been brave enough to ask the question “is it possible for a superhero movie to feel like watching paint dry?” This one’s for you.

It will be easier to recount the parts of Justice League that actually do see some benefit from the re-cut treatment first. Villain Steppenwolf has been given a design overhaul that looks much better than its theatrical counterpart and an entirely new subplot dealing with his motivations has been added for extra context and it does work, for the most part. DC Comics big bads like Darkseid and DeSaad have been added as well, granting the bizarre MacGuffin fetch quest and resulting CGI punch out some gravity. This, however, makes up about twenty total minutes of the extra-long runtime and most, if not all, of the extra villain scenes are done with a distracting mishmash of old and new VFX that give them a dated video game cut-scene feel.

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