Zack Snyder Reveals New Look For Jared Leto As Joker In Justice League

Director Zack Snyder has released new photos offering a first look at Jared Leto’s portrayal of the Joker in the upcoming “Snyder Cut” of Justice League (now called Justice League: The Director’s Cut). Check them out below.

The photos, which were first published in Vanity Fair, give fans an opportunity to see both how Leto’s Joker in this film will be distinct from 2016’s Suicide Squad and a sense of what this character might be like in a world that is already falling apart. Snyder told Vanity Fair that Joker was not originally part of the four-hour epic when he stepped away from the project in 2017 due to a family tragedy, but the time away from the project made him think about it more and more: “The Joker is really the only thing that I thought of in retrospect, but I will say that it was always my intention to bring Joker into that world.”

This is not showcased in any of the photos that have so far been released, but Snyder also shared that in some Justice League scenes, Leto’s Joker wears a bulletproof vest decorated with rusting police badges: “He has tons of badges… Those are his trophies.”

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