Zack Snyder Is “Happy” That Superman’s CGI Lip Won’t Be Henry Cavill’s Legacy

One of the most-discussed–and mocked–aspects of the theatrical version of Justice League was Superman actor Henry Cavill’s digitally-changed top lip. Now the movie’s original director, Zack Snyder, had commented on this notorious alteration.

Like all the Justice League cast, in 2017 Cavill was recalled for reshoots on Justice League after Snyder was replaced as director by Joss Whedon. Unfortunately, Cavill was also shooting Mission Impossible: Fallout at the time, in which he has a prominent mustache, meaning that the ‘stache had to be removed digitally in post-production. The results were not exactly convincing, to say the least.

Snyder’s new version of Justice League hit HBO Max last week, with Cavill’s altered lip now thankfully now entirely absent. In an interview with MTV, Snyder was asked about the ‘stache controversy. While Snyder has never watched the theatrical version of Justice League, he did state that he had seen the dubious CGI in memes and was very happy that it isn’t what Cavill will now be remembered for.

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