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YouTube Shorts debuts voiceover narration tool for iOS creators

At the top of the year, in an APK teardown, it showed that YouTube Shorts was working on implementing a voiceover feature. While that breakdown was performed on the Android version of the app, we are now finally seeing it come to fruition, albeit, on the iOS version of the app.

YouTube has announced that it is rolling out a voiceover feature that will allow users to perform narrations. The feature is first rolling out to iOS users, with no mention on an Android update on the support page. If unfamiliar with voice narration, the feature is used to add commentary or more context to recorded videos.  In order to use the feature, users can record a video like normal and when finished recording, a narration can be added to the video by selecting any area of the footage. Once in marker is in right position, the user can press record and start the voiceover process. When finished, users can adjust the volume of all the audio found in the video. Users will have access to shortcuts like undo and redo. This should be an excellent addition for YouTube Shorts creators, giving them more tools to create better videos.

YouTube has been in heavy competition with TikTok, battling on the short format video front. While TikTok has been the platform king of short-form videos over the past few years, competitors like YouTube and Instagram have done their best to play catch up. More recently, YouTube stepped up in a big way announcing that its YouTube Shorts creators would be eligible to earn revenue by joining its YouTube Partner Program. The company also announced that it would offer different criteria for Shorts creators, allowing them to become eligible using different metrics. While this is certainly good news for those on the platform, the changes won’t be arriving until sometime in 2023.

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