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YouTube Music gets a new settings layout for Android tablets

At its I/O 2022 developer conference, Google announced plans to update over twenty of its first-party apps for large-screen devices. Although the company did not share a list of the apps due for a visual overhaul, it has been hard at work giving its apps a tablet-friendly design refresh over the last few months. For instance, the company has been testing redesigns for certain sections of the YouTube Music app on Android, making it much more user-friendly on large-screen devices.

At first, the company rolled out a new YouTube Music Home feed for tablets with a more spacious layout. Then, it started testing an updated playlist UI with similar changes. Google is now rolling out another change for the YouTube Music app, which cleans up the app settings on large-screen devices. According to 9to5Google, YouTube Music on Android tablets and Chromebooks now features a new two-column layout for the app settings, complete with a pop-up for the Accounts menu.

YouTube Music Account menu pop-up on tablets
YouTube Music settings layout for tablets

Screenshots: 9to5Google

As you can see in the attached screenshots, the updated YouTube Music settings UI features a list of grouped settings on the left, while the controls under each group appear on the right. Compared to the older YouTube Music settings layout (which is still available on phones), the new design makes better use of the extra screen real estate and condenses the settings page to a great extent. Although Google likely won’t release a similar two-column settings layout for Android phones, we expect the company to condense the settings page on mobile devices using similar groups.

It’s worth noting that the YouTube Music app for phones also received a new playlist UI earlier this month. The updated layout moves the album art cover to the center, with the album’s name and playback controls appearing right underneath.

What do you think of the new settings layout in YouTube Music for tablets? Let us know in the comments section below.

Via: 9to5Google

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