Xiaomi’s next foldable, codenamed “zizhan”, could look like this

Foldables will be a running theme for 2022, and we expect to see many more in the coming months. Xiaomi has already entered the foldable space with devices like the Mi Mix Fold, and we’re due for a refresh. Xiaomi’s foldable is following a more relaxed refresh cycle than its glass slab releases, and understandably so. While it’s been over a year since the Mi Mix Fold came to market, information remains scarce on what the next foldable will look like. But now, we may have some clue on how it will look.

XDA Senior Member kacskrz spotted graphical assets within the latest MIUI China builds that show off a foldable that looks different from the Mi Mix Fold.

The animation file shows off a few angles and folded states of an unidentified Xiaomi device. Notably, the camera bump on the back of the device is a square with rounded corners, instead of the more rectangular bump seen on the Mi Mix Fold. This could indicate that Xiaomi may be keeping the camera setup more practical instead of as bleeding-edge as it was on the Mi Mix Fold, perhaps marking this next foldable as an overall mass-market product.

We also see the cutout camera on the outer screen. The inner screen is clean, indicating that Xiaomi could be sticking with its decision to not have any cameras on the inner display at all.

Xiaomi "zizhan" foldable

Kacskrz has shared more information spotted within MIUI China releases. We know the Xiaomi foldable is codenamed “zizhan” (vs “cetus” for the Mi Mix Fold). Further, code within MIUI suggests that “zizhan” will share a display panel used on “umi” which is the codename for the Mi 10. The Mi 10 is a glass slab flagship, so we presume that this means that the outer display on the foldable will be the same panel as used on the Mi 10. This then further points to the cover display being a 90Hz FHD+ panel with possible HDR 10+ support. The display size on the Mi 10 is 6.67-inches, but the device has curved edges, so the measured dimensions could vary when used on the flatter foldable.

We’ll keep an eye out for more information on this Xiaomi foldable.

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