Xiaomi Unsurprisingly Also Wants to Ditch Chargers for New Phones

Apple has set a pretty awful trend in the mobile industry, and manufacturers one by one embrace it: a charger is no longer included in the box with new smartphones, so buyers would either have to use the one they already have or buy it separately.

Xiaomi is the latest big name to embrace this approach after Apple, Samsung, and Huawei (the first of them already did this on the iPhone, while the other two are now paving the way for this change).

In a statement on Weibo, Xiaomi explains the decision to ship the Mi 11 without a charger in the box is something the company does to protect the environment.

“Mi 11 canceled the included charger and responded to the call for technology and environmental protection. Today, everyone has a lot of idle chargers. This is your trouble and a burden on the environment. We are well aware that this decision may not be understood or even complained,” the company said in a recent pos… (read more)

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