Xbox Wireless Headset Review – Simple And Clean

Xbox hardware has been leaning into the sleek, minimalist look for quite some time, but, importantly, its devices always pack some top-performing hardware in them. For example, the Xbox One X, the Xbox Series X, and (to some extent) the Elite Series 2 controller are slick in form and very capable in function. That same design philosophy extends to the Xbox Wireless Headset, the platform’s new flagship first-party audio device.

This $100 headset delivers strong all-around sound quality and some useful features like Dolby Atmos, simultaneous Bluetooth connectivity, and impressive build quality. And although its fit comes with some conditions, it provides solid comfort for long sessions. At its price range, the headset is one of the best options for Xbox platforms.

Build And Comfort

You can get a sense of overall build quality the moment you take the headset out of the box–the steel inner frame and plastic casing make for a very flexible headband that can stretch and contort (within reason) without audible creaking or feeling like it’s cracking. It also helps that there isn’t any fancy design work on this headset, just plain black plastic, subtle neon green trim, and the Xbox logo on the right earcup. It’s straightforward without many moving parts or over-the-top branding.

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