Xbox Creator Shares Vaccination Story, Urges Others To “Show Up” For Appointments

Seamus Blackley, the designer of the original Xbox, took to social media to share his experiences getting the coronavirus vaccine, and urged others to show up for their vaccine appointments despite misinformation about its safety.

In a brief Twitter thread, Blackley said that he got the Moderna vaccine. He explained that there had been 150 people who missed their appointments in a Los Angeles clinic, and that the medical staff there had to use the vaccines or throw them away. He went on to say that misinformation is dangerous and that the doctors and nurses were putting themselves at risk to help others. He also noted that he had been waiting his turn behind higher-priority groups, so learning that some doses were getting tossed out due to missed appointments was frustrating.

“The misinformation is tragedy,” he said. “There’s no danger. Get your vaccine. Please. Stop this f***ing virus. It will mutate and get worse.”

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