Wyze Video Doorbell live view seems broken after most recent firmware update

Owners of the Wyze Video Doorbell should have been dancing on the doorstep with the most recent firmware update. Along with promised fixes and improvements, it enabled the much-anticipated support for both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Unfortunately, that seems to have been overshadowed by a pretty serious issue for a video doorbell to have. The live view feature seems to have broken.

It’s a story that seems to have been rumbling on for many weeks now. The short version is that owners were getting stuck on step 3/3 when connecting to live view from the doorbell. A new firmware update was released at the end of April that was supposed to fix this, alas, it doesn’t appear to be the case. The company’s forums are littered, still, with complaints that live view just doesn’t work. There is at least one report that suggests having updated to the ill-fated .042 update might have been more troublesome than first thought.

Well. Don’t work on the damaged one. I have two doorbells, one was upgraded to 042. It then had the 3/3 problem. Then upgraded to 060, initially, it was better. Now it is back to the same problem. The other doorbell was not upgraded to .042 firmware. But now it is upgraded directly to .060. it works fine. No problem whatsoever. So chances are the .042 update messed up something in the device storage that the .060 did not clear up.

Other areas of the Wyze Video Doorbell, including viewing video clips, seem to be fine. But the lack of live view on a product that has home security baked into its very existence is frustrating at best. But what can you do? If your Wyze Video Doorbell is on earlier firmware than the .042 update, it seems prudent to avoid applying any updates at all for the time being if you can avoid it. Track the issue’s progress in the forums and if you’re experiencing the issue yourself, there’s a dedicated thread where users are being asked to report with relevant details and log numbers.

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