Wrestlemania 37: WWE’s Xavier Woods Can’t Stop Talking Trash About Omos And AJ Styles

At Wrestlemania 37, Raw Tag Team Champions Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston will defend their titles against AJ Styles and his very tall companion Omos. However, Woods is confident in The New Day’s ability to retain, and he can’t stop talking trash about Omos.

WWE’s Wrestlemania PPV is the biggest event of the year for the company and typically, it’s filled with highly-anticipated matches. And there’s one thing Woods is anticipating himself, “I’m looking forward to beating the hell out of Omos,” Woods said during an appearance on Wrestle Buddies, GameSpot’s pro wrestling podcast. “Because there’s this idea in people’s heads that, ‘Oh! This guy’s tall so that means he’s a good fighter!’ What are you talking about dude?

“Tall does not equate to skill or strength or experience or knowledge or anything like that. He’s big, yeah that’s cool, but that means I can punch him directly in the kneecaps, hyper-extend his legs, and then what you’re going to do? I’m excited to knock down the giant, so people go, ‘Wow, Woods is so good at wrestling!’ No, we’re just smart. Kofi’s just smart. What are you talking about? We’re 11-time tag champs for a reason. People think we’re scared because Omos is big? No! I was this height when I signed up to wrestle, knowing that everyone was this big.”

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