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WRC Generations Review (PS5)

As a big fan of WRC (both the motorsport competition and the video game series), the debut of Generations was one of the most anticipated events in the gaming world this year for me.

The original WRC Generations was full of intriguing details, starting with the addition of hybrid cars and ending with the support for new-gen consoles. Because, let’s be honest about it, playing WRC with proper DualSense feedback sounds like a lot of fun (though it goes without saying dedicated gear, including a steering wheel, would make a lot more sense).

WRC Generations is in many ways a very familiar game for fans of the franchise. From the moment you launch it to the one you start racing, everything feels to be just in the right place, though developer Kylotonn has substantially evolved the concept the game is based on.

The career is without a doubt the one where you’ll spend most of the time. WRC 2 now comes with a management mode, as Generations tries to put you in the shoes o… (read more)

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