WoW Is Finally Letting You Ride A Huge Tree And It Looks Amazing

World of Warcraft‘s new Chains of Domination update for the Shadowlands expansion is adding a brand-new mount that is a giant ancient tree that you can ride and stomp around on. Finally. It’s probably my most-anticipated part of the update (I am only joking a little).

At BlizzConline, I spoke with WoW principle game designer Jeremy Feasel about this mount, including how it came about, why it’s so unique, and how it connects to the wider lore.

Blizzard launched a player survey some time ago asking fans what they would like to see from a new mount, allowing them to vote to determine what it would be. The idea was to work closely with the community in a new way to help players feel a greater sense of connection to Azeroth and the Warcraft universe. Some of the other options in the survey included a giant book you could ride, a kitty cat made of jelly, a caterpillar, and a creepy spider.

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