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Windows Users Won’t Get Any “C” Release Updates in December

Microsoft has recently released this month’s Patch Tuesday updates, and the company has also published an announcement regarding the next patching cycle that will take place in December.

At this point, the software giant divides the monthly patch rollout into two different stages. The first one is known as the “B” release, which is essentially the main Patch Tuesday rollout focused mainly on security fixes but also including non-security improvements. It always takes place on the second Tuesday of every month.

The second one is referred to as the “C” release, and it takes place later every month. It includes preview updates of what’s to come next month on Patch Tuesday, with the updates available for download with a manual request on Windows Update.

Microsoft explains that in December, there will be no “C” release because of the holiday season, so users will only receive the typical Patch Tuesday fixes. A preview of these updates, however, will also go live later … (read more)

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