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Windows 11 Starts Declining on Steam as Windows 10 Gains Share

Windows 11 is Microsoft’s latest and greatest, and given the broad availability stage has already been reached, it makes sense for more users to give it a try these days.

But according to data shared by Valve’s Steam gaming platform, some of those who tried Windows 11 actually went back to Windows 10, as Microsoft’s most recent operating system has lost some share last month.

More specifically, Windows continues to lead the pack with a 97.03 percent share, and this represents an increase of 0.66 percent as compared to the previous month.

Windows 10 64-bit posted the most surprising results of the month, as its share recorded a growth of 1.91 percent. Windows 11, which was and continues to be the runner-up in the charts, fell 0.11 percent to a total market share of 21.12 percent.

The 64-bit version of Windows 7 continues to be incredibly popular on Steam, as 2.04 percent of the devices where the app is installed are still running this old version of Microsoft’s op… (read more)

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