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Windows 11 Snap Layouts: The Best Productivity Feature in a Long Time

I don’t know about you but snapping windows has always been one essential part of my experience with Windows.

This is why Windows 7 was such a great operating system.

Thanks to a feature called Smart Window, Windows 7 allowed users to easily put two windows side by side on the same screen. The whole thing worked as straightforwardly as possible, essentially laying the foundation for the substantially more advanced experience that’s available today in Windows 11.

Also known as Snap, the Windows 7 feature evolved substantially in the next operating systems, and in Windows 11, users are provided with a plethora of options to help them arrange all open windows in a way that makes perfect sense for what they are doing on their computers.

If you don’t understand why running two apps side by side, just think of students who need to work on research papers on their devices. With Snap Assist, they can neatly organize all windows on the same screen, including the Microsoft… (read more)

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