Windows 11 Running on Late 2006 iMac Reignites System Requirements Controversy

Windows 11 is currently rolling out to devices out there, but as compared to Windows 10, it’s not available for all computers.

This is because Microsoft has updated the system requirements for Windows 11, so in order to be provided with the upgrade from Windows 10 to this new version, the device must meet a series of new requirements, including TPM 2.0.

The change has caused a massive controversy in the Windows community, with many accusing Microsoft it’s leaving behind millions of computers that would otherwise be able to run Windows 11 just fine.

A new video posted on YouTube by Bob Pony could easily reignite the whole controversy, as it shows Windows 11 running on super-old Apple hardware. More specifically, the latest Windows 11 Dev build available in the Windows Insider program has been deployed on a late 2006 Apple iMac.

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