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Windows 11 Quick Settings Get Windows Studio Effects

Microsoft has recently released another update for the Quick Settings menu in Windows 11, as the company brought Windows Studio effects at a one-click distance.

More specifically, the most recent Windows 11 builds shipped to insiders in the Beta channel include direct integration of Windows Studio effects in Quick Settings.

In case you’re wondering why Windows Studio effects are so useful, it all comes down to how you use the camera on your Windows 11 device. Thanks to the integrated effects, Windows Studio settings let user configure everything from background blur to audio effects, therefore making it easier to set up all these options from the desktop.

Keep in mind, however, that the integration of Windows Studio effects in the Quick Settings menu in the operating system is currently part of the Windows Insider program.

And of course, there’s no ETA as to when production devices could get the same update, though given they are released to the Beta channel, the… (read more)

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