Windows 11 “Nickel” Update Should Be Feature-Complete in February

Microsoft is working around the clock on the first major Windows 11 feature update, and according to people familiar with the matter, its launch should take place in the summer.

This is because unlike Windows 10, Windows 11 will only get a single feature update every year.

Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 11 update is believed to be codenamed Nickel, and according to Deskmodder, references of its deadlines have recently been spotted online.

Feature-complete in February 2022

More specifically, it looks like Microsoft wants this update to be feature-complete by February 4, 2022. This means the company would no longer add any new features after this date, and all the work happening after this deadline will be entirely supposed to fix bugs and polish the overall experience with the OS.

Then, the config compl… (read more)

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