Windows 11 is bringing back Sound Recorder with a new design

Sound Recorder is back, but it's wearing Voice Recorder's clothes.

Enlarge / Sound Recorder is back, but it’s wearing Voice Recorder’s clothes. (credit: Microsoft)

Windows’ Sound Recorder app has gone through a few iterations since its initial release in Windows 3.0 back in 1990, when it launched as a simple app that could only record 60 seconds of audio at a time. But the app vanished altogether in Windows 10, replaced by a totally new app called Voice Recorder, which can record and trim basic sound recordings and save them as m4a files.

Sound Recorder is now making a comeback, and Microsoft is currently testing a revamped version for Windows Insiders in the Dev channel. The company announced the redesign in a blog post summarizing Windows 11’s updates to built-in Windows apps.

The new Sound Recorder uses a two-column layout similar to Voice Recorder’s, with playback and trimming controls to the right and a list of all the files you’ve recorded on the left. But it adds some old Sound Recorder features that disappeared from the app years ago, when it was boiled down to almost nothing in Windows Vista.

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