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Windows 11 Gets an Official Game Pass Widget

Microsoft is betting big on the widgets experience in Windows 11, and this is why the company is working around the clock on bringing more widgets to users.

With support for third-party widgets on the way, it’s pretty clear that Microsoft hopes this feature would become a key part of the operating system. And in the latest Windows 11 preview build, the company introduces an all-new Game Pass widget that shows essential information, such as the latest additions and the games that are leaving soon.

Needless to say, the widget is still in its early days, and Microsoft says it’s important to keep in mind the current version is just a preview of what’s to come when the work on this front comes to an end.

“This widget is a window to the extensive PC Game Pass library  – it will show the latest additions, games leaving soon, and others from highlighted categories and then take you to the Xbox app where you can install them, see reviews, and go all in,” Microsoft explains… (read more)

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