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Windows 11 Gets a New Multi-App Kiosk Mode

Microsoft’s most recent Windows 11 preview build for the Dev channel includes a brand-new multi-app kiosk mode aimed at IT administrators.

As anyone could easily guess, the purpose of this feature is to allow IT admins to configure certain apps to run on the device while restricting the access to all the other features.

“Multi-app kiosk mode is a lockdown feature for Windows 11 that allows an IT administrator to select a set of allowable apps to run on the device, while all other functionalities are blocked. This enables you to create multiple different apps and access configurations for different user types, all on a single device,” Microsoft explains.

For example, with multi-app kiosk mode, IT admins can configure the Start menu to only display a specific set of applications, while also blocking toast notifications and pop-ups that would otherwise be displayed on the screen.

Only exclusive to Dev users for now

Needless to say, given the purpos… (read more)

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