Windows 11 Cumulative Update KB5012643 Breaking Down Safe Mode

Windows 11 cumulative update KB5012643 has recently been released as an optional update, therefore giving users the opportunity to try out what’s to come in the next automatic update due on the May 2022 Patch Tuesday.

According to the official support document for this update, KB5012643 shouldn’t theoretically cause any new issues – the only known bug is the one breaking down the backup and restore feature that’s actually been broken since January anyway.

But as it turns out, this update also causes one more glitch that is yet to be acknowledged by Microsoft.

According to Deskmodder, cumulative update KB5012643 breaks down the Safe Mode, making it almost impossible to use.

It’s an optional update… for now

More specifically, after the installation of this update, the Safe Mode in Windows appears to suffer from some so… (read more)

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