Windows 11 Creates Hundreds of Empty Folders for No Reason

Windows 11 is currently rolling out to users out there, and the more people install it, the more problems are being discovered.

This time, reports seem to suggest that Windows 11 is struggling with an empty folder issue that was originally spotted in Windows 10 as well when the previous operating system was still in its early days.

GHacks is reporting that hundreds of empty folders end up being created in the System32 directory for absolutely no reason, and by the looks of things, the culprit is none other than the Provisioning Package Runtime Processing tool.

The good news is the empty folders can just be removed without causing any issue, but the bad news is they will continue to come back again and again.

Microsoft hasn’t acknowledged the problem just yet, but it shouldn’t take too long before the company comes up with a fix.

Windows 11 cu… (read more)

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