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Windows 11 2022 Update Secrets: Copying a File Path Is Ridiculously Easy

Windows 11 2022 Update has started shipping to the first wave of devices out there, with the eligible devices now allowed to manually check for updates and therefore install the new version without waiting for the automatic release.

Needless to say, Windows 11 2022 Update comes with lots of improvements and new features, but in addition to the things we can all see, the operating system update also includes other small tricks that you may have a hard time discovering.

Microsoft engineer Jen Gentleman has revealed one of them in a recent tweet. As it turns out, pressing CTRL + Shift + C when a file is selected allows you to quickly copy the file path to the clipboard.

“Little thing with Windows 11 22H2 – pressing CTRL + Shift + C when a file is selected now copies the path to the file,” the tweet reads.

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