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Windows 10 Still Running on 7 in 10 Gaming PCs

Windows 11 has recently reached the broad availability phase, with the operating system now available for all eligible devices.

As a result, Windows 11 can now be installed on any computer that meets the updated system requirements, so it’s really not a surprise that its adoption is currently on the rise.

New statistics provided by Valve for its Steam platform shows that Windows 11 is growing bigger among gamers as well, but at the same time, Windows 10 continues to be the preferred choice for the vast majority of users.

More specifically, Windows 10 64-bit is currently powering no more, no less than 71.26 percent of the devices where Steam is installed. This data, however, shows a drop of 2.63 percent, obviously as a result of more devices being upgraded to Windows 11.

Windows running on over 96 percent of Steam devices

When it comes to Windows 11 itself, it’s pretty clear the adoption of t… (read more)

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