Windows 10 Is Finally Getting the Battery Info Menu It Deserves

Windows 10 is an operating system for everybody, so in addition to desktop PCs, it can also run on tablets and laptops, with massive optimizations made for power efficiency on all these devices.

And this is something incredibly important, especially because being productive on the go has become a priority, regardless of the device that we use for the whole thing.

Keeping an eye on the battery is something that we can do with little effort on Android and iOS, and because Windows 10 is slowly evolving into becoming a more portable operating system, all thanks to the focus on new categories of products, Microsoft wants to improve the experience in this regard too.

So Windows 10 build 21313 provides us with an early version of a new battery settings page, with Twitter user Albacore managing to enable it early in the existing release.

Coming in Windows 10 version 21H2

As you… (read more)

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