Where To Find Machalite Ore In Monster Hunter Rise

You’ll need to stock up on a variety of materials to forge weapons and armor in Monster Hunter Rise, but one of the more elusive resources in the early part of the game is Machalite Ore. This ore is required to forge several pieces of low-rank armor, making it a valuable commodity in the early going. Fortunately, there are a few areas you can reliably find it, so if you need help tracking some down, here’s where to mine Machalite Ore.

Where To Find Machalite Ore

Machalite Ore is one of the materials you can potentially harvest from mining outcrops around Monster Hunter Rise’s different maps. The ore will be available in a few different areas in HR2 Hub Quests, so you can find it in a few places with some persistence (and a little bit of luck).

The materials that mining outcrops produce are generally random, so you’re not guaranteed to get Machalite Ore from a specific outcrop. However, it’s common enough that it shouldn’t be too difficult to find, so make sure you mine any outcrop you come across during a hunt to increase your chances of getting it. You can also increase your chances of finding it by equipping armor with the Geologist skill. At level 3, that skill lets you gather one additional time from a mining outcrop.

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