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WhatsApp Working on Welcome New Activity Status Update

WhatsApp will soon get a new feature that will allow users to hide their online status and therefore remain in invisible mode all the time.

If you’ve ever used Yahoo Messenger, you probably remember the invisible mode, which pretty much allowed users to chat without revealing their online status.

Similar capabilities are already available in modern messengers, but as far as WhatsApp is concerned, it’s pretty much impossible to hide your online status.

While you can prevent users who aren’t in your contact list or others to see your last online status, everybody can see in real-time when you’re online and using WhatsApp. This happens regardless of the privacy features configured in the app.

WhatsApp knows this is one big shortcoming, so now it’s working to introduce a new feature that will make it possible to hide the online status completely.

Called “who can see when I’m online,” the new option will most likely make it possible for users to hide the online statu… (read more)

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