What’s Up With Julia Louis-Dreyfus In Falcon And The Winter Soldier?

The penultimate episode of Falcon and The Winter Soldier snuck a massive cameo into the mix: Emmy Award winning actor and TV icon Julia Louis-Dreyfus made her surprise MCU debut as Val, or, Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine. And though she had only one very mysterious scene in the episode, according to Variety, Marvel’s got some big things lined up for her in the future.

Louis-Dreyfus was, apparently, originally intended to make her debut in the extensively delayed Black Widow solo film, which would have likely provided slightly more context for her Disney+ scene. In the episode, she waltzes up to a recently court martialed John Walker and introduces herself before praising Walker’s work and making him an ambiguous offer of support–complete with an ominously blank business card. We can’t be sure if Walker actually accepts this offer (or how he would contact her, given the lack of info on the card) but it certainly seems like Val is the sort of person with power and influence that could help Walker get an outlet for all his obvious anger issues.

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