What’s New in Microsoft Edge 87 for Windows and Mac

Microsoft is working 24/7 to get the new Microsoft Edge right, and this isn’t actually a surprise. Edge is the company’s big bet in the browser market, and it needs this app to work, especially because it’s available on non-Windows platforms too.

Edge is the first Microsoft browser after Internet Explorer 6 that lands on macOS, and what’s more, it’s also available on older Windows versions and Linux.

So yes, Microsoft is fully committed to polishing Edge even further, and every single update brings notable improvements on all platforms.

The most recent stable releases brought the app to version 87 on Windows and Mac, and the latest update available right now is 87.0.664.47.

So let’s have a look at what’s new in Edge 87.

First and foremost, Microsoft announced a new redirect notice in Internet Explorer, with users now automatically pushed to the new Edge browser when certain incompatible websites are loaded.

In other words, if you still use Inte… (read more)

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