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What You Need to Know If Your Windows 10 Desktop Disappears

While Microsoft is betting big on Windows 11, and this is clearly the company’s main focus in the long term, most users out there are currently on Windows 10.

Back in 2021 when it shipped Windows 11, Microsoft gave birth to a major controversy caused mostly by the upgraded system requirements of the new operating system.

With requirements like TPM 2.0, Windows 11 wasn’t available for plenty of Windows 10 devices that were otherwise perfectly capable of running the operating system. Microsoft promised to continue supporting Windows 10 until October 2025, hoping that most users would slowly purchase new computers to get Windows 11 by the time the Windows 10 EOL is reached.

Users still running Windows 10 on their devices might have noticed that occasionally, their desktops or taskbar disappear temporarily or simply become unresponsive.

The issue showed up a few weeks ago, and it was confirmed by Microsoft itself in November.

In most cases, simply rebooting the Wind… (read more)

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