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What Is Firefox View And Why You Should Really Try It Out

Firefox is currently the most famous alternative to the invasion of Chromium-powered browsers, especially after Microsoft Edge too embraced the same engine as Google Chrome.

In fact, Firefox isn’t just a competitor to the Chromium-powered applications but also one of the best browsers out there, with this feature lineup constantly evolving.

And one of the most intriguing features is called Firefox View.

Launched earlier this year, Firefox View is essentially a way to start from where you left off in a more convenient way. More like a new starting page for the browser, Firefox View allows you to reopen recently closed websites, while also making it possible to open tabs that were previously loaded on other devices, such as on a smartphone.

In other words, you can resume the browsing session you previously started on your Android device, all because Firefox View displays the most recent three tabs that were loaded on the smartphone.

Needless to say, to make the mo… (read more)

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