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Wayward Strand Review (PS5)

Interactive adventures focusing on exploration, also known as walking simulators, often have a bad reputation. Although in some cases that can be justified, most of them still offer a memorable interactive story experience. Wayward Strand takes this concept, twists it and runs with it in a totally unexpected direction. The result is both highly engaging and relatable, focusing on a subject usually avoided by videogames. 

As you would expect from a game of this genre, the story is the most important element of Wayward Strand. Right from the very first scenes you will meet Casey Beaumaris, the young hero of our adventure. After a few initial dialogue choices that position her either as a strong-willed child or as an obedient daughter, gamers will realize that the story is mundane, but not quite ordinary.

The events unfold at the board of an airship turned into an elderly home, the workplace of our hero’s mother, a nurse taking care of the patients. Having no choice b… (read more)

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