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VLC Site Blocked in India Because God Knows Why

VLC is currently one of the most popular media players in the entire world, as it records impressive download figures on both the desktop and mobile.

But according to VideoLAN, the parent company that makes VLC happen, the official site of the application is no longer available in India for a reason that is yet to be determined.

In a mailed statement for TechCrunch, VideoLan president and lead developer Jean-Baptiste Kempf says that most major ISPs in the country have already banned the VLC site, therefore causing an important drop in the number of users accessing the page.

VideoLAN says the ban generated a drop of no less than 20 percent in the number of visitors of the official VLC site.

App still up and running
While Indian ISPs and local organizations have remained tight-lipped on what happened, Kempf says there’s a chance that VLC has been blocked following reports of exploits involv… (read more)

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