Vivaldi: Microsoft Is Abusing Its Power to Force Edge Onto Windows Users

Changing the default browser on a modern version of Windows has been one pretty challenging process, even for power users.

Microsoft has obviously been under fire for the whole thing, as both the other browser makers out there as well as Windows users criticized the company for making it ridiculously difficult to switch from Microsoft Edge to a third-party alternative.

In some cases, changing the browser involved changing the default app to handle every extension, something that beginners would undoubtedly fail to do and therefore end up sticking with Edge.

Most recently, the Redmond-based software giant rolled out an optional cumulative update that improved the process, offering a one-click way to change the default browser from the Settings screen. This update is projected to go live for all Windows 11 devices next week as part of the Patch Tuesday cycle.

However, Vivaldi says the company needs to make the process even more convenient for users out there. Compa… (read more)

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