Vivaldi for Android Now Lets You Tweak the Look of Websites

Vivaldi is a browser obsessed with customization power, and what better way to start 2021 than with the introduction of a new feature specifically aimed to give users more control over the content they load in the app?

That’s the purpose of the all-new Vivaldi for Android version 3.6, a new release that introduces Page Actions, a feature whose purpose is to give you options to customize the looks of websites.

“Similar to its desktop browser, Page Actions has a number of options – readability, CSS debugger, sepia color effect, grayscale filter, and others – that can be combined to customize the appearance of the web page being viewed. Improving accessibility and readability, Page Actions don’t just dictate how a web page looks, but how you interact with it. For instance, you can view every image on a page at an angle, or change all the fonts to monotype or even replace the colors with Instagram-like filters,” the Vivaldi team explains.

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