Vivaldi Browser Gets Massive Updates on Android and the Desktop

Vivaldi, the browser that everybody should love, is getting another massive update, though this time the good news is aimed at both Android and desktop users.

This is because Vivaldi has come up with a double release today, as version 5.0 is now available for download on Android and all supported desktop platforms.

First and foremost, let’s see what’s new on mobile devices.

The Tab Stack is getting a substantial makeover, and starting with this update, the browser supports two rows of tabs. If you don’t believe this is something really big, then you probably don’t work with multiple tabs at the same time. And on mobile devices, doing this is something a lot more difficult than on the desktop, and Vivaldi has found a way to make the whole thing more convenient.

The Android browser therefore now allows the tabs to be displayed on two rows, and because more tabs mean a more cluttered interface, it also comes with new tab interface tweaking options. You can now confi… (read more)

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