Vivaldi 3.7 Released with Major Performance Improvements, Apple Silicon Support

Vivaldi has received a new major update, and this time, the most notable change happens under the hood where the browser has received some pretty big speed improvements.

Starting with Vivaldi 3.7, the browser opens new tabs 100 percent faster, which is without a doubt a pretty big achievement.

“While we let you handle your tab chaos with the recently introduced Two-Level Tab Stacks (confession: we are still gushing over the response to this innovation), we also want the opening and closing of tabs to be more swift, helping you save time. Opening of tabs is faster now — facilitating a better user experience and increasing speed up to 2x as fast as the previous version (based on our internal benchmarks,” the Vivaldi team explained.

At the same time, Vivaldi also notes that new windows open some 26 percent than on the previous versions, according to tests conducted on an Ubuntu 18.04 system with a… (read more)

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