Vault of the Void Preview (PC)

I need my enemies to bleed, bleed, bleed. As long as I draw the blocks I need and as long as I occasionally pick up another attack these marine creatures, including Bruce the shark, have no way to defeat me. With a bit of luck, I might even get the card that allows me to get back some lost health. I suspect I’ll need it for the coming end of the floor boss battle.

Vault of the Void is both developed and published by Spider Nest Games. The experience is currently in Early Access on Steam, with the creator delivering updates at a good pace and a potential launch in early 2022.

The game is a very good mix of rogue-lite and card-driven battles. In pretty traditional fashion players get a hand of cards and need to use them smartly to defeat enemies. Combat features energy, discards, status effects, unique spells, blocking, and HP management. The meta map is focused on crossing floors, with tiles… (read more)

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