Valorant’s Episode 2 Introduces New Agent Yoru, Competitive Changes

Riot’s competitive shooter Valorant has enjoyed a steady drip-feed of new content over the past few months, but the Episode 2 update promises to shake things up quite a bit. Episode 2 will hit January 12, and it adds a new Agent to the game, Yoru, as well as introducing some major competitive changes, a new battle pass, and revisiting some skins from Episode 1.

As revealed by a Riot stream, Yoru is a “duelist,” meaning that he focuses on setting up solo plays and notching kills to cripple the enemy team. His kit is designed to mix up the opponent via misinformation and high mobility. For example, his Fakeout ability allows him to deploy fake footsteps to mislead his opponents, and his Gatecrash ability lets him set up a teleportation beacon for quick escapes.

He also has Blindside, a flash grenade that only triggers once it’s bounced against a surface. His ultimate Dimension Drift makes him temporarily invisible and impervious to damage, meaning he can reposition to take the enemy by surprise, or perhaps just scout ahead to see how the other team is set up. According to Riot, Yoru is intended to be a completely different breed of Duelist when compared to the other characters in the game, one focused on a playstyle that the studio calls “Stealthly Infiltration.”

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