Valheim’s Troll To Get More Swole

Valheim developer Iron Gate has teased an upcoming update that will include graphical updates to some enemies and bosses. The studio is keeping some of the cosmetic changes under wraps for now, but it has shared an image of the newly refined troll with better muscle texture. That’s right: troll got swole.

Aside from more defined musculature, the new troll model also includes more hair and nails. As part of the announcement, Iron Gate also said there will be graphical updates to the second and third bosses, giving their old models some “new fresh looks” and better matching the overall art design vision. These are said to be coming in the next patch, but no timing was announced.

Just look at this beautiful bastard.
Just look at this beautiful bastard.

Finally, the announcement also included very, very teaser-y teasers with sneak peaks for the more ambitious Hearth and Home update. That included two tightly cropped screenshots, teasing that the second is “a pretty big part of the update, with many new items relating to it.”

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