Valheim Patch Notes For March 23 Release; See All The Big Changes

The latest patch for the hit Norse multiplayer RPG Valheim is out now, and it makes a series of changes, one of which impacts a loophole that players discovered to cheese materials. As Eurogamer reminds us, players could harvest materials from greydwarves by setting fire to the area around where they spawn.

But the new patch changes campfires, bonfires, and the hearth so that they take damage while dealing damage. What this means is that you will now need to repair fires manually to rekindle them instead of having them run infinitely.

Eurogamer checked out the game after the patch and found that, “After standing in my campfire for a few seconds I noticed it had dropped half its health. Hearths fare a little better, but still only last a few minutes. So it’s safe to say the toaster method is now far less practical than it once was, and you can’t just leave it running while you do some chores.”

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